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Our History

Palazzo Scagliae is a fort situated in the vicinity of Gubbio that dates back to the XIII century.  It has recently been listed by the Italian government as a ‘Palazzo-Fortilizio’ of historical relevance.

Over the centuries it has been modified, extended and adapted as both its use and ownership changed. Given its strategic position and 360 degree views over the surrounding Gubbio valleys, the Knights Templar decided to use it as a lookout tower and residence. From the top of the mountain they could control what was going on in the valleys below and relay this information to other towers on nearby mountain tops. They modified the building by adding stables to the lower floors and left their mark on the Palazzo by carving a stone over the main entrance into the shape of the Star of Malta. This stone still greets you today as you walk in.

During the 1700 it belonged to the noble family Gamboccio of the Quartiere di S. Martino, Gubbio; and later formed part of the properties owned by the Mosca nursing home in Gubbio.

Unfortunately Palazzo Scagliae then fell into a state of abandon and was used as a shelter for sheep until the Rossetto family purchased it in the late 1970’s. By this time it was nearly in ruins, had no roof, and was falling to pieces.

What we see today of Palazzo Scagliae is the result of nearly 30 years of meticulous restoration by the owners and specialist teams of master builders. Each stone has been removed, cleaned and replaced by hand using traditional building materials and techniques.

We have tried to keep and bring out all original features of the building to preserve its ancient charm and architecture. Restored features include: external pizza oven, traces of the original rain water collection system, internal water chamber, beams, carved stonework, arches, fireplaces, and mill grinding stone.

Modern comforts and advanced engineering have also been incorporated into the old structure in a very discrete and clever fashion. For example, the Palazzo has been reinforced throughout so that it is earthquake resistant.

Palazzo Scagliae has also been furnished with many antiques from our private collection, as we would love you to experience the property as we would.

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